A simple recipe for stewed strawberry dumplings

Such a dish will decorate any holiday table ներին lovers of sweets will like it.

Steamed dumplings are a traditional Ukrainian dish. It is made with different eggs in different regions of our country. Somewhere they prefer meat kernels, somewhere – dairy products or vegetables. It all depends on your taste preferences եղանակ the season.

Dumplings with sweet fillings are considered a special dish. They are made in the summer, when the first delicious berries appear in the store, and someone in his own garden. Dumplings steamed with such kernels are delicate and very tasty. We suggest preparing such a dish according to Chef.net.ua recipe.

Vareniki with strawberry filling


  • The slow cooker is suitable for steaming dumplings.
  • It is better to take dense strawberries for the filling. These berries will not turn into porridge.
  • Strawberries can be put in the core as a whole berry or cut into small plates. It is better to chop the berries before sculpting, otherwise they will give juice.
  • Sugar և starch should be added to the berry. It does not allow the juice to flow out of the dumplings.


• Wheat flour – 4.5–5 tsp.

• Kefir 2.5% – 0.5 l.

• Potato starch – two tbsp. spoons

• Small strawberries – 700 gr

• Sugar: 300 gr

Step by step recipe.

  • Making kefir dough. Add soda and a pinch of salt to hot kefir and leave for 12-15 minutes. The mixture will increase in size և and will be covered with numerous air bubbles.
  • Gradually, we add the flour to the kefir mixture in small portions (half a cup each). The dough should be homogeneous, without poorly mixed flour impurities. Therefore, after each addition of flour, mix it well with kefir. Be sure to break the molded balls. A spoon or fork is perfect for this.
  • After the dough thickens, add the rest of the flour and mix well. The mass should be soft, but not stick to the hands. You may need a little more flour depending on the gluten it contains.
  • Cover the bowl with a towel իս while preparing the filling, let it rest for a while.
  • We harvest strawberries. We wash the berries under water, dry them well and remove the tails. When all the water is gone, sprinkle the berries with starch.
  • Before starting the dumpling sculpture, pour half a liter of water into a multi-apartment bowl, put a steam container on it, select the “Steam” mode.
  • Roll the dough into a thick sausage. Divide it into equal small pieces to make a thin cake 3 mm thick from each. Put one or two strawberries in the center of each slip, add granulated sugar (less than one teaspoon) և close the ends well with your fingers, forming dumplings.
  • When the water boils more often, put some dumplings on the steam container and close the lid. Do not forget that the dumplings will grow during cooking, so leave a distance between them.
  • Cook each batch for no more than 4 minutes, then return to the water. When boiling, add only hot water.
  • Serve dumplings hot with sour cream.

Bon Appetit!

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