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The world giant has announced that after the stocks of Coca-Cola HBC products are consumed in warehouses, they will no longer be produced, they will go out of sale in the Russian Federation. It should be noted that the company produces not only Coca-Cola – famous products, but also several others – Fanta, Sprite, Powerade, Schweppes, Burn, BonAqua Water, Dobry, Pulpy, Rich, Moya Semya juices. There are 10 factories of the company in the territory of the Russian Federation.

is it bad or good?

From a socio-economic point of view, there is nothing good in limiting production. AT: closest: (there will be no demand vacuum, over time Missing persons will be covered by other manufacturers. and they will already pay these taxes and create jobs) in the long run is a loss of taxes and jobs. But is it really that bad? In my opinion, it is very bad when a high-tech company leaves, whose products are difficult to replace և there is a demand. Here we are talking about the producer of juices, carbonated drinks, I am sure that there are no difficulties for other domestic producers to increase the volume of production to fill the vacancy.

And here I am very happy. I am happy with her as Onishchenko and Zakharova, each of whom very sharply assessed the Coca-Cola as a drink and the company’s exit from the market. Of course, many will grieve over the loss of their favorite product. But neither I nor I.

The reasons. They are next. About 20 years ago, I regularly had to refill a soda car (other than a Coca-Cola company). And after I was given a thick-walled plastic bag with that liquid for that purpose, I did not go to the car anymore, I drank only mineral water. And in the past years I drank a couple of liters of carbonated drink at most. Although I like the taste of fanta, tarragon (since childhood) and Pepsi-Cola.

Soda? No thanks. It is better to drink mineral water with juice. We also have wonderful sweet kvass in our country. And then they got into the habit of drinking all kinds of kombucha. The kombucha was not bad … But if you really want a gastronomic descent և a trip to the roots of your culinary culture, then remember about kvass. Let these be the miserable remnants of the centuries-old Russian tradition of making kvass with hundreds of recipes (I even drank cucumbers) that were killed by the October Revolution. But they are there, և they are actually delicious, if we are talking about kvass with the right fermentation, and not wool with mint essence.

The same “Vyatsky kvass”, no matter how much he was ridiculed after the famous press conference, in fact actually delicious. And not only him. Almost every store with Belarusian products has Lida kvass. And there is simply nothing there. Try it, you will not regret it. Many thanks to the company for what they do such delicious drink.

And sweet kvass is much tastier and healthier than any carbonated drink. If you use them for their intended purpose. And then, according to rumors, a strange culinary tradition was formed outside the Chernozem region to make okroshka on sweet kvass.

Here is the topic of the successful term “patriotism with yeast”. This, to be honest, is not about me. I will not drown insanely for any conventional Krasnodar tea or Ivan tea, I prefer Assam. And my Takamine of Brezhnev times is 2 heads taller than Leningradka of the same years. Yes, և any of the capitals delights my soul: stomach. Genesis box set there or goat cheese shmat, laptop or powerful bright the torch. And I’m glad that there are many large Western companies in Russia. But we live in time great change. And if there is already a tendency to re-evaluate the influence of Western culture, if you start looking not inside, but inside the country, then why not do the same with soda. In terms of soft drinks, Russia definitely has its own Juche. By the way, I recently learned that we even have our maple syrup. Heard: Penza maple plants? I haven’t tried it for a long time, I have to buy it.

In general, goodbye Coca-Cola. I will not mourn your death.

The above text reflects the personal opinion of the author. I know a lot of people who love Coca-Cola.


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