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“Business Women of Tatarstan” is still young, the organization is 10 years old. Liana remembers how she worked as an entrepreneur in the field of tourism shortly before that, and when she started working for the civil service, the Investment Development Agency, in 2011, where she controlled the small and medium business of the country, she was very surprised. that there were many different state support programs for entrepreneurs: և infrastructure, և property, և consulting…

– And I did not even suspect all this, I cooked in my own juice. And my task was to pass information to entrepreneurs about these opportunities, to help them. But how? It is necessary to unite people somewhere, in some way, to help, to have a dialogue through this association. This is how “Business Women of Tatarstan” appeared. So women were involved there, young, energetic, ideological, apparently they were more active than men at the time.


We started with information support, as a result a whole community grew, the work of which covers the whole republic. We are also developing outside Tatarstan. We went to Izhsk on the occasion of Entrepreneurs’ Day. we expand our geography և connections.


Do you work with young entrepreneurs? For starters?

– This direction started to develop actively this year. We made a starting package for young people. This is for start-ups, for those who want to become entrepreneurs, for those who have been in business for up to three years. We unite, hold various educational events for them. Because the main thing when a person starts a business is information և education.


Crazy Peaks Conquerors:

– What types of businesses do your departments have?

– Do you know why I get a high mood from this organization? Because our girls all have very original thinking. Sometimes they are visited by just crazy, in my opinion, ideas about creating their own business. Often they are not feminine at all. But they do everything. One, for example, makes metal detectors. He has a very successful production. The second one builds cell towers and rents them out. Some people build houses. Someone deals with construction materials. Many work in the social sphere, in the sphere of beauty. There are those who have created their kindergarten from scratch, their own private school. Moreover, almost all of them are mothers, there are also large families.


When I hear their stories of conquering all these peaks, which they first invented, then successfully implemented, I am inspired.


– How many “businesswomen” are there in the organization?

– In Kazan – 73, in the republic – 362 people. Women in different fields of different business activities. There are many restless girls in Chelni, they are on fire, they always have new thoughts. In Almetyevsk they are calmer, more self-confident. They are more sincere in Zelenodolsk. Until the evening I can talk about everyone և everyone. The main thing that unites us is that together we are a generator of ideas, և we help each other, և of course strength.

Liana cooks in a pressure cooker, which means that the process of making soup quickly goes even faster. Potatoes from hard work. But Liana deals with it in a matter of minutes – now the root crop, turned into cubes, is sent to the pan in which the fish and onions are waiting for her, covered with a lid.

And we have exactly seven minutes to talk, two before boiling and five after that.


And while we talk about plans.

“I have experience in business,” says Liana. – Therefore, we decided to try to package the franchise, sell a business club, try to copy it in other regions of Russia, based on Tatarstan. Tatarstan was a pilot site, we tested all the processes, everything works. Our girls like this kind of work, as well as other regions. Rostov-on-business women, such as Ulyanovsk or Nizhny Novgorod, can work in the image of “Tatarstan businesswomen”. Many respond.

Because the achievements are many, they are obvious. In our community we support each other, push, develop, form a cold spine. After all, just to sell something, you have to do it with someone, with someone. We all boil in the same juice, communicate in the same chat. We have an unspoken rule: we buy from our own. For example, I have to print business cards – I buy my own. In this way we support and strengthen each other. If we have several owners of beauty salons, they do not consider each other as competitors, but learn from each other, share experience and help.



Such relationships are expensive. Life does not stop. Someone goes on maternity leave, someone goes to another city, but our spine is always replenished with fresh energy, կանգ we stand on it. And we are proud of our business mission. Develop new territories, attract new people, gain new experience. We have an “Insight” section on social networks, where we talk about the business of our entrepreneurs.

I think we do not have enough information support. At that time, I am sure, young entrepreneurs who do not yet know about “Tatarstan businesswomen” would be stretched.


How are women’s businesses different from men’s? Where does this gender division come from in this issue?

– I try to broadcast this topic everywhere – “women’s business”. I realized that men should always decide all the positive and negative sides, weigh the positive and negative sides, only then make a decision. And women intuitively choose the right decision. Maybe because women are more versatile, more flexible, that’s their advantage.

“Business women” is my way out, now I am in this business, like a fish in water, I feel in my place. And they brought me here to study at a financial institution (at the same time I studied law), my own business, civil service, social activities … So, everything happened slowly. I will not say that it was a childhood dream, it is hardly possible to dream about childhood social activities. I only remember that I knew for sure that I would not be a teacher, I would not be a doctor. Excluding these professions, I meant everything else. The main thing I remember is that I always wanted to be independent.


– It is supposed that when a woman starts a business, her hands do not reach the family. Is this true?

– When a woman enters the business path, she is completely dedicated to that work, she often does not have time and energy for the family. But only if it is not for the soul. And you can do business like a woman. Unpainted to the point of exhaustion, having time to pay attention to yourself, the children, and your spouse. You just have to do it right. And rightly so, this is when a woman is in the resource when she rises from work. In this state he can create events that seem unreal. To dream, to allow the dream to go into space, to meditate, և it really works, because it is feminine. I have been convinced of this many times, both by the example of some of our girls and by my own example. A man can afford to wake up early, go to work, fall down in the evening without legs … No one will demand him for dinner, a bad house or the absence of street children. He can afford to be tired at work. But the woman did not. Therefore, he must work for pleasure. Those who succeed say: “I come to work, I have fun, I like it, I relax.” This is what a woman’s job is not to get drunk, to hate your job, but to enjoy the work of your soul, because you like it. So you can find something fun. I found something like that.


The pot informs us that the soup is ready. Or rather, a semi-finished product. Liana sends fried onions, carrots, cream, spices in the broth, while the soup absorbs all the flavors, quickly fry the croutons according to Jamie Oliver’s recipe.


– Somehow, in 2014, my colleagues from the State Committee for Tourism, knowing that I like to cook something like this, gave me a recipe book by Jamie Oliver, which contained a photo of me. We present an unusual և very simple recipe for making croutons. First you need to heat the sausage in oil in a frying pan, then fry the bread in this sausage. And that’s it. Wonderful smell և unique taste! I always remember such unexpected recipes և they are put in my personal culinary pork bank, becoming our family’s favorite dishes.

This is salmon soup. I brought the recipe from Samara. Somehow I ordered it at the restaurant և it was great. Decided to learn how to do it. And now, with trial and experience, I have achieved the perfection that our family loves. This is our favorite soup now. It is prepared very quickly, it satisfies all tastes. Such a festive soup. The main thing is that it should be infused like borscht. It will stand, soaked in all the spices, it will only be tastier.

– What dishes are still stored in your “culinary pig farm”?

– I like to make classic cheesecake, my signature shrimp salad, cookies … The main thing is that the recipe is fast և good mood.





• Salmon – 2 steaks;

• Potatoes – 2 pieces;

• carrots – 1 piece;

• onion – 2 heads;

• Cream for soup or sauce – 100 g;

• Salt, spices for fish to taste.


  1. We cut2_to throw out
  2. spill out3_send:
  3. Send:4_cut
  4. We cut5_three
  5. Three6_we pass
  6. Passerby7_add
  7. Adding:8_to throw out
  8. Pour out9_add
  9. Adding:10_to remove the bones
  10. Bone removal11_ crush
  11. ShinkuemScan - WISH
  12. wish:


The main thing is that the recipe is fast, կա in a good mood.


Tatiana Vafina

Photo by Nata Smirnova

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