Fish: chips recipe from a Russian pub

H:And recently it turned out that the British can be left without their favorite fish and chips. Food that is not considered a British profession can become more expensive or even disappear from the shelves due to sanctions and supply problems.

The Russian military operation in Ukraine has had a negative impact on the supply of white fish, particularly cod-drum, which are most often used in the production of fish-chips.

The fact is that about 30% of the white fish supplied to the United Kingdom is imported from Russia.

The president of the National Federation of Fish Producers Andrew Crook estimates that more than a third of the British fish chips stores may be closed within the next 12 months, Daily Express writes.

Especially for those who have fish, we asked Alexei Semenov, a Russian pub brand-chef, to share a recipe for a symbolic British dish.

Russian fish chips from “Russian Pub” brand-chef Alexei Semenov

Ingredients (for 2 servings).

Code fillet – 250 g

Squid rings – 350 g

Baby potatoes – 300 g

Tempura dough – 100 g

Tartar sauce – 100 g

Fresh herbs – 5 g

Concentrated sea salt – 20 g

Vegetable oil – 100 ml

Bread crumbs – 20 g

Lemon – ¼ pcs.


Make a strong salt solution, pre-boil in it until the half-cooked baby potatoes are in the peel, so that it is covered with the salt peel.

Dilute the tempura with cold water to a thick sour cream consistency.

Code fillet cut into strips with salt.

Roll the cod in tempura ակում in a frying pan or in a frying pan with hot vegetable oil.

Pre-fry the squid rings in crumbs, dip the credit in tempura, send it in deep fat or in a frying pan with butter.

Serve with Tatar sauce, fresh herbs, a slice of lemon.

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