Galician lazy dumplings for breakfast – step by step recipe with photo

Juicy as cottage cheese, crunchy as they are fried. In the form of traditionally made sticks. Serve with jam or sour cream

Galician fried cucumber for a fried breakfast

Galician fried cucumber for a fried breakfast Photo:

And another cottage cheese breakfast from western Ukraine. Be sure to cook the Transcarpathian Gombovts, they are cottage cheese, round and often stuffed.

These are the Galician sticks practically like a lazy dumpling, only in the form of sticks or fingers. After they boil, և the water is drained, it is necessary Fry until nicely golden in butter.

Recipe Ukrainian food blog from

Galician palyushki

Galician palyushki

Galician palyushki Photo:


  • 200 g of cottage cheese;
  • eggs;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • 50 g flour;
  • 25 g of sugar;
  • vanillin;
  • for frying butter.

Pancakes from young cabbage are very tasty, they can be prepared for breakfast. Read their recipe here.

How to prepare.

  1. Squeeze the cottage cheese thoroughly and sift it through a sieve. Mix all the ingredients for the dough.
  2. Roll out a thick sausage. Flatten with the palm of your hand and cut into long, narrow arms.
  3. Boil palyushki in boiling water. When they swim, we put them in a colander, let the water drain and cool a little.
  4. Fry in butter until golden brown.

Here you will see the detailed process of frying Galician noodles.

Here you will find a breakfast recipe from childhood: cottage cheese և vermicelli pots.


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