How salmon became the most popular dish in Israel

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נורבגי נורבגי נורבגי:נורבגי נורבגי נורבגי:

Salmon with vegetables

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The Israelis just love this fish. Local chefs prefer it to everyone. There is no Israeli family where it is not served at the table. Of course, we are talking about salmon (or salmon), which the Israelites call salmon. But where does this fish come from in our latitudes, from Norway or China? What is its quality? The answers to these questions became known on the June 11 publication of the website Ynet:.

Salmon has recently become the king of Israel. The export of Norwegian salmon to Israel started in 1992 in very modest volumes – 200 tons per year. During the last 30 years, this index has increased by 9000%. At present, the annual supply of goldfish to Israel is 18500 tons. 2022 promises to be a record year for salmon consumption in Israel.

Salmon is traded in many countries: Canada, Chile, China, South Korea, Great Britain. Nevertheless, it has been and remains the most important supplier to the Israeli market Norway.

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נורבגי נורבגי נורבגי:נורבגי נורבגי נורבגי:

Norwegian salmon

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Fish and seafood are the second largest export industry in Norway after oil and gas sales. In a country of 5 million people, the fishing industry plays an important role. This is not only a key sector of the economy, but also a part of the national tradition and culture. In 2021, the Norwegians exported more than 3 million tons of fish to different countries of the world, including their famous salmon, worth more than 12 billion euros.

Norway considers Israel a potential market. With the import of Norwegian salmon, our country ranks 16th among the 150 countries to which Norway supplies this fish. According to a survey conducted by the Norwegian exporting company Seafood From Norway, almost half of Israelis have eaten Norwegian salmon in the last three months.

Although it is the Hebrew name for salmon illiteracyMost Israelis prefer the word salmon. This fish can be cooked with different eggs: baked in the oven, fried, salted or used raw in sushi. Salmon goes well with almost any sauce։ spices. It is very easy to prepare, it is almost impossible to spoil.

The reddish-orange color of salmon is related to its diet, based on small crabs և shrimp, which are rich in astaxanthin, a useful substance in the carotenoid group. Today, however, salmon farming is supplemented with special food coloring to give the fish the desired commercial color. But there is no need to be afraid of this, it does not affect the quality of the product in any way. Salmon is still healthy because it contains omega-3 fatty acids, a natural protein that is essential for our body.

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נורבגי נורבגי נורבגי:נורבגי נורבגי נורבגי:

Salmon is good both cooked and raw.

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Famous chef arrives in Israel to celebrate 30th anniversary of Norwegian salmon supply Gunnar Jansen, Owner of Mathallen Tromsø AS restaurant, winner of numerous culinary awards, կոչ named “Chef of the Year” by the Norwegian Restaurant Association. Norwegians are familiar with this from a culinary program on national television. Gunnar plans to meet with the Israeli gastronomic community to share secrets of cooking red fish.

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Day of Karvik Olsen

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He also visited Israel Day of Karvik Olsen, a well-known Norwegian specialist in the international fish market. “The Israeli market is very important to us,” he explains.

Why do you think Israelis love salmon so much?
– It started 30 years ago, and since then our exports to Israel are growing at an incredible rate. According to surveys, salmon ranks first or second among the favorite fish species of Israel. Even your kids will love it.

– In which other countries is salmon so common? Where does he love her more than in Israel?
– n is very important for Japanese և Korean cuisine. But in Europe, this fish has a prominent place in the diet – in Norway itself, as well as in Iceland, Germany and Spain.

– Do you eat so much red fish in Norway?
– We consume more cod. But salmon is the second most popular fish in Norway. Norwegians also love sushi.

– How is Norwegian salmon different from others?
– Norwegian salmon is considered to be of the highest quality, as it has a delicate and unique texture. Multiplies և grows in ideal conditions in the wild, in clean, cold water.

– What is the difference between Norwegian salmon, “Chinese or Canadian salmon”?

– There is almost no salmon in China, so I’m not sure that the Chinese sell real red fish. Scottish salmon is similar to Norwegian salmon, but it is collected in very small quantities. In Canada, salmon are a different species, caught in rivers, with only a few fishermen setting nets in the sea. In Norway, salmon farms are located right on the sea, where fish grow naturally without human intervention. Norway could compete with Chile. But our advantage is that we are much closer to Israel. The moderate distance between our countries is an advantage for both Israeli consumers and Norwegian exporters.

– Does global warming affect your industry?
– Undoubtedly. So far it is not a problem for fish farming, but, unfortunately, it makes it difficult to find salmon in the sea.

– How do Norwegians like to make salmon?
– Like the Israelis. Most often, a whole fillet is baked in the oven. Salmon is good because you can eat any part of it. Great for filling rolls.

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