How the Shamovs saved their home

Marina և Andrey Shamovner goes to live in Vozhega, where they have a comfortable accommodation only when the cold weather starts, and the rest of the time they spend in the village of Bucherovskaya, or have to travel 30 kilometers to work. “What to do in the regional center? Sit in the apartment, look out the window? they are arguing. “We have such a grace in the village, such actions are carried out. “Working is not overwork, it’s great.”

Major renovation

Six years ago, more than half of the village of Bucherovskaya was burned to the ground by burning dry grass, and the Shamovs were able to save their home only because they were at home and united with their neighbors in the fight against the element. firefighters. Over the years, the burned land has become grassy, ​​nothing reminiscent of fire, and the Shamovs, as it turned out, live, one might say, on a farm. On the one hand, forests and fields, on the other hand, endless Russian distances that take your breath away.

This year the Shamovs have made a big renovation, the house is already old, inherited from Andre’s parents, it has been in need of renovation for a long time.

“We leveled the walls, rebuilt the floors, rebuilt everything inside, we have to do a lot of work to remember everything, to make it so that we like it, to feel comfortable,” says Andrey.

Thoroughly beaten, that is, the lymph, not the brick stove, which is not installed now, is “big” in the house, the whole life revolves around it. There is a kitchen, a bedroom, and if you walk around, you will find a large room. Comfortable, cozy և always close to warm.
When sick of hunting?

A stove was built, but small, with a brick, also in the so-called summer house, which can play a very big, even huge role in winter. In a very small room, right next to the stove, there is a comfortable sofa, because the owner is a fisherman, a hunter, he can come here in the winter on weekends, not to heat the huge house, but to quickly provide warmth and comfort. , warm the seagull, relax and sleep.

– Andrey, you hunt a lot, you fish, but what do you do with hunting? we asked.

“My job is to get it. Today I sowed oats in one of my secret places so that the bear would come,” replied the owner. – And Marina makes the most delicious cutlets and goulash from meat, it can also be made with different eggs. We often bake “meat” and “fish” in the Russian oven, it turns out delicious. If there is a lot of fish, we smoke. The woman is generally a good housewife. I recently had a birthday party, 60, so he set the table in such a way that our guests are still amazed. He made four types of delicate salads in his own way. Then the women asked him for recipes. And he also likes compote in jars to cook for future use. everyone likes it too.

Recipe by Marina Shamova

I do not have the name of this dish, only salad. I cut the pineapples and marinated champignons into four slices with ordinary slices: four types of meat: ham, ham, boiled pork and chicken. I make mayonnaise. Why not sour cream? Just because I usually make this salad on a holiday table, it is prepared in advance so that everything is ready for the arrival of guests and the sour cream spoils quickly.

I like to make a salad consisting of pork, boiled carrots, pickles and again mayonnaise. Try it, you will not regret it.

Marina has recently had a well-deserved rest, and Andrey continues his career, going to work in Vozhega every two days.

– Why not drive something? Everyone has a car, they got behind the wheel, – և go ahead, – the owner is surprised. – The roads are in good condition now, 20 minutes – and in Vozheg – the same in the evening – and in the village, do your lessons, do gardening.

And in the Shamovner garden such perfect cleanliness and order that the mosquito will not sniff. It is nice to look at such an unusually well-kept farm.

“Only here, in my opinion, is our uniqueness,” smiles Marina. – In the garden we grow the simplest, what the Russian soul demands the most: greens, onions, garlic, beets, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes. I like to make compotes from berries in jars, which are blown all year round. Every housewife has her own secrets to making this drink, և my recipe is as simple as bombarding a pear. I fill the clean berries in a three-liter container, filling it by about a third or a quarter, I fill it with boiling sugar syrup. After a few minutes, I strain the syrup, boil it again, and fill it in a container with the ends. I immediately wrap it, turn it over, wrap it in something warm and leave it like this until it cools completely.


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