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For many housewives, cooking new dishes is a way to try to divert them from other problems. And if you have already tried to marinate herring with mustard և onion, this time cook salted mackerel. theLime has chosen the simplest recipe.

Ingredient:s: mackerel (800 g), salt (2 tablespoons), sugar (1 tablespoon).

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To make delicious salted mackerel, you need to carefully choose fresh fish, in particular, look into its eyes. They should be light և transparent և in no case cloudy.

We cut the gut of the fish, remove the membrane of the abdomen, cut off the head. Then wash in running water and dry with paper towels.

Mix salt and sugar in a small bowl, rub mackerel with this mixture on all sides. We wrap it in a plastic bag or a membrane, put it in a container and send it to the refrigerator for 24 hours. Alternatively, you can leave it at room temperature for 12 hours.

After the mentioned period we take out the fish, wash it in running water, put it on a towel to absorb the excess moisture, wipe it with napkins.

Then we cut the salted mackerel and serve it on the table, for example, with mashed potatoes and salad.

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