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The first wave of aphid infestation began in the northwest on our flower beds, greenhouses and tops. 47news has found out 10 recipes from the experts of Neskuchny Sad Horticultural Club on how to limit the smell of aphids in the country.

With all the variety of this insect that sucks the sap of our plants, we have only one way out – to fight. To win – nothing. But limiting is our problem.

Aphids are a subset of Homoptera insects that do not interfere with the life of cultivated plants. In Russia alone, there are about 1,500 species of these pests: green apples, cherries, blood, thistles, grape aphids, etc. They all form four families: real, gallbladder-like, hermeneutic phylloxera (single-root aphids). For example, the biological product Lepidocid does not work on them.

The club advised to divide the summer house into 2 parts.

– Pity ourselves, where there are pests, but we do not collect and do not eat plant parts, we will use “chemistry”. As a rule, these are flower beds, all decorative trees and shrubs. But where we wait for the fruits, we suffer again, but we will use organic options for the struggle.

– “Chemistry”, as a rule, gives the best result for a longer time, thus it is much easier to maintain the best view of our garden, to prepare the solutions for their cultivation – 5 minutes, և end … Yes, the instructions show how much You can eat strawberries, which are treated with, for example, carbophos-containing mosque preparations. “But I definitely do not want to eat it more often,” laughs Vera Sitnikova, an experienced gardener and club expert. – But, for example, making mixtures based on twig juice, celandine and nettle is not so fast, it is not so easy, even to enchant with additives, everything takes time. The same goes for growing grass bacilli, mycorrhiza, etc. – it takes more than one day, և it is not always the first time. And it is necessary to develop those infusions more often. But we are all busy, on weekends we come to the summer house with the dream of relaxing, talking to the family…

On the shelves of garden centers – a huge number of chemical synthesis drugscontact (spoil the life of the pest by hitting or in), systemic (penetrate the plants և spread along the shoots). Come in, ask – they will answer you. (By the way, if you need medicine to fight spider mites, you need acaricide, not insecticide).

We have collected proven Organic recipes to combat sucking garden pests. They will help you in the fight against aphids, thrips և leafhoppers, BUT only at the beginning of the development of your acre colonization. If the dominance of enemies – run “chemistry”.

Many of these options use diluted laundry soap (or “green soap”) as a plant-based firming agent. You can add vegetable oil of the same quality.

Here are 10 recipes for overcoming aphids in a country garden:.

1. The first և the cheapest. Walk regularly in the garden with a bucket of water և, seeing buds covered with aphids, cut them եք enter the water. Of course, this is not suitable for roses, but for viburnum, currant of any variety, it is even better.

It is more difficult to make infusions, infusions for injection.

2. Dissolve a box of laundry soap, 200 ml of vegetable oil, 1 cup of tobacco powder in 1 liter of hot water (if not, make it from twigs, thyme, juniper, any conifer in any proportion). Then dilute everything in 10 liters of water, spray.

It is necessary to recycle, alas, everything in a row, at least once every 10-12 days until the middle of summer. Do not forget to spray the hosts on the opposite side – this “hell mixture” of contact action.

3. If you can not get horseradish in the corner of the plot, you are lucky, catch the recipe. Fill half a bucket of roots and owners with 3-5 liters of boiling water, leave to stand overnight, then add 1.5-2 cups of ash and dilute with 10 liters of water.

4. Dissolve laundry soap, add 2 tablespoons of pharmacy ammonia to 1 liter of soap water, make 8-10 liters with water (at the same time fertilizing the leaf with nitrogen). This should be processed immediately, starting from the root zone.

5. 1.5 liters of cola or 7-8 liters of Pepsi for water – should work due to phosphoric acid և aromatic oils, BUT too much sugar can lead to fungal diseases. Yes,: these drinks will be in short supply soon.

6. Pour 2-3 liters of boiling water in the purchased mustard or 200 g of mustard powder, leave for 4-5 days. Then add 1-2 cups of ash. Bring up to 10 liters of water, squeeze, continue, blow. This is, by the way, how the antifungal remedy will work.

7. Cut the easily propagated weed, celandine (although, which weed is difficult to grow ?!) fresh, as in a salad, pour 5 liters of water. How much to take? – Yes, how much will it fly in a 10 liter bucket to still have water? After an hour, “squeeze” your salad, so that there is more juice in the water, mix it. It is ready in a couple of hours. The plant is poisonous, we work with gloves. We insist for three hours, add the dissolved soap. According to this recipe, the shower should bring in chondrophytes, aphids, larvae, and even larvae.

8. Finely chop the garlic or arrows, grind with a food processor, soak in 400 g of 3 liters of water for 72 hours. Then add the soaked soap and make 10 liters of water.

9. If last year you grew very hot hot pepper, or you do not feel sorry for the money եք you bought it dried, pour 200 g (dry) in 1 liter of water, cook for 2 hours. We remove one week. A glass of 10 liters of water. This recipe is unique in that the concentrate can be stored for a long time. The rest is not.

10. This is the recipe of the famous figure և agricultural blogger Ivan Ruskikh: poison the aphids with alcohol.

Take isopropyl alcohol (any hand sanitizer, not gel) or just vodka. The final strength of the solution should be 13-15 degrees, and spray the plants. You can make your own garden cookie: a cup of sugar, a liter of water, a teaspoon of yeast. Add a little complex fertilizer for flowers, less than one teaspoon (for nitrogen, phosphorus-potassium), put on a rubber glove, put in a warm place at 28-30 degrees. Release the pressure regularly. When the glove stops rising, 3-4 days a week, if the conditions are colder, add a tablespoon of soaked household soap to stick, և end.

There are two strict rules for such treatments. DO NOT treat the plants if you have not watered them well before. we can “burn”; և DO NOT work with the preparations on the sheet in hot weather. Drops can work like lenses և causing great damage.

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