Kefir or kvass. Which okroshka do the people of Tomsk prefer?

“What Russian does not like to drive fast” – the quote of “Dead Souls” in the summer can be transformed as follows: “What Russian does not like okroshka?”

Journalists from AiF-Tomsk’s MK in Tomsk’s publications of two editions collected several cold soup recipes and asked Tomsk residents about their clothing preferences: kvass, kefir or mineral water.

Tomsk chef Elizaveta Tkachenko said that boiled potatoes, eggs, radishes, fresh cucumbers, boiled sausage, dill, green onions and kvass are added to the classic okroshka. “Cutting vegetables should not be big, it is better to cut them into small cubes or thin straw,” the cook explained.

Elizaveta Tkachenko also shared an unusual recipe for making smoked chicken okroshka.

To prepare the dish you need: 2-3 potatoes, 3 boiled eggs, 2 fresh cucumbers, radishes, dill, parsley, chicken thigh, հ lemon juice, mineral water.


Boil the potatoes, then freeze. Cook the eggs for about 15 minutes. Cut the skin of the chicken thigh և remove all the bones. Cut the prepared potatoes, eggs, sausage և chicken into small cubes. Chop green onion, dill and parsley. Grate the cucumber with a coarse grater. Then fill everything with cold mineral water, add lemon juice, mix well. Send okroshka to the refrigerator to cook for an hour.


As for the gas station, it turned out that the residents of Tomsk were very meticulous in their preferences.

Arthur, a 37-year-old resident of Tomsk, said that he has been freezing cucumbers and dill since summer, which allows him to cook summer food in winter.

“I like Okroshka very much, I cook it often, regardless of the season. “I have a special sauce, water, vinegar, salt and sugar,” said Arthur.

The man explained that he had been accustomed to dress in such an unusual way since he was a child, as he was preparing it for his mother, who now prefers to eat okroshka with kvass.

Yegor, 50, said that he did not even consider kefir as an okroshka cream, only kvass.

“In general, I do not like fermented dairy products, I do not even want to think about the combination of kefir made from okroshka, vegetables,” said Igor.

Julia, 28, from Tomsk, said that she did not like okroshka and never made it.

“It’s absolutely impossible to know whether kvass or kefir will be worn, I can not wear okroshka. When my husband asks me to cook, I send it to my mother. “Let the mother-in-law prepare and feed her son,” said Tomsk’s wife.

Nikolay, 42, said that he likes okroshka, he often makes it, but only with kvass.

“Kefir, with okroshka or on its own, is simply not mine. “Only kvas,” said one of the city’s residents.


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