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The People’s Artist of the RSFSR is a wonderful hostess. Nadezhda Babkina offers a recipe for breakfast. It’s time to make curd cakes.

She is a star on stage and a wonderful cook in the kitchen. Nadezhda Babkina knows how to make her ուրախ guests happy with delicious dishes. One of the favorite dishes of the singer are cakes with cottage cheese, which do not harm the body at all. Let’s write the recipe.


Lean liquid cottage cheese – 1 kg

Finely ground oat or wheat bran, about 500 g

Yogurt in jars – 2 packs

Chicken eggs – 5 pieces

Vanilla – 1 pack

1 teaspoon of baking powder

Fructose – two teaspoons per slide.

Attention: cook without oil. We will need baking paper, oven և mixer.

Cooking method:

Immerse the cottage cheese in a deep pan or bowl, add sawdust. Then we put raw eggs, one with yolk, the rest only with egg white. Add vanilla, baking powder, salt and fructose in turn. Finally, add the yogurt and mix the ingredients with a mixer.

If the mixture is too liquid, do not hesitate to add more bran. Then we put paper on the baking sheet, we spread small cakes on it with a spoon. Put the oven in the oven heated to 230 degrees, and when the oven heats up, lower the temperature. Bake until ready.

The artist confesses. Outwardly, curd cookies look indescribable, but they lick your fingers with taste. Immerse the frozen pastry in a plate. “Help yourself, good people.” – advises Nadezhda Babkina.


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