Nettle soup, rhubarb pie, baby wine with dandelion. simple dishes for a rural meal

Send the kids to the field to get twigs to keep them hungry. Have a real rustic dinner. We promise it will be fast.

Nettle soup

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You need to cook this cabbage soup until the nettle is young and stinging. And freshly picked nettle (when collecting, wear thicker gloves) is better to cook immediately, without hiding in the refrigerator. The same rule applies to nettle cabbage soup – eat it hot, immediately after cooking, the next day there will be no cake, as they say.


  • Potatoes – 5-6 pieces.
  • Nettle – 1 bunch (100-200 g)
  • Carrots – 1 piece.
  • Onions: – 1 piece.
  • Chicken breast – 300–400 g
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Vegetable oil for frying
  • Chicken eggs – by number of servings

We wash the chicken breast, send it to the pan and cook the broth on a low heat. You can use our proven recipe, or you can prefer the vegetarian version, then you do not need breasts, go straight to the next step.

Wash and clean the vegetables. Cut the potato into cubes, three carrots with a large grater, and finely chop the onion.

Boil the nettle with boiled water so that it does not puncture. Rinse thoroughly under cold water and slice like a salad. Boil the hard boiled eggs.

We send the potatoes in boiling water or broth and cook for 15-20 minutes. Do not forget about salt. Fry onion, carrot in vegetable oil until soft. We send future cabbage soup to the first gas station, and 5-7 minutes later, nettle. Pepper, to taste salt. Another 5 minutes – անել remove the soup from the heat. Pour into pots. We put half-cut chicken eggs in each of them and invite everyone to the table.

green fluffy

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Georgian pkhali is wonderful because you can prepare it from almost any food that grows under your feet. So we go to the garden and tear up whatever we like. Nettle, sorrel, beet tops, cilantro, parsley, dill, spinach. Choose your greens.


  • Fresh herbs (spinach, sorrel, beet, etc.) – 1 kg
  • Cilantro: – 100 g
  • Nuts – 100 g
  • white bow – 2 pieces.
  • Garlic – 4 cloves
  • Coriander – ½ թ / գդ:
  • Utskho-suneli – ½ թ / գդ:
  • Pomegranate – 1 piece.
  • Salt and pepper

Wash the greens thoroughly. Put the water pot on the fire and bring it to the boiling point. Add salt and greens for literally 5 minutes. Bend in a colander and leave to dry.

Peel an onion and a garlic clove, and grate it with a meat grinder. Add spices և mix until smooth.

We squeeze the greens well with our hands. Then we go through the meat grinder և, if there is still excess moisture in the greens, we strain it again.

Mix the greens with the walnut sauce. We roll neat balls from the mass, put them on the dish and decorate the tent with pomegranate seeds.

rhubarb pie

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Rhinoceros is especially useful in early summer, when the stems are just reddening. Whether they are soft, soft, but it will only take a few weeks, the fibrous structure will become rougher, children may not appreciate it.

But we do not think about it yet, but remember that both shortbread and yeast go well with rhubarb. But in the sand version, this cake turns out to be so elegant that it is right to invite guests.


For testing.

  • Flour – 160 g
  • Sugar – 100 g
  • Butter: – 110 g

To complete.

  • Eggs – 2 pieces:
  • Sugar – 180 g
  • Flour – 40 g
  • Salt: – The tip of a knife
  • Rhyme – 4 stems
  • Powdered sugar ող to sprinkle with cinnamon

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, cover the baking plate with parchment. Cut the frozen butter into cubes, mix it with flour and sugar. Grind into crumbs, knead the dough և put in a mold. Bake for 15 minutes, remove from the oven.

Beat eggs with sugar և salt – you should get a fluffy mass. Sift the flour from the top and mix.

Rhinoceros stems are washed and cleaned. Cut into small cubes և send the egg mass – mix it carefully with a silicone spatula. Pour the filling on the base and send it to the oven for 40-45 minutes.

Remove, leave to cool in the form, then transfer to a bowl, sprinkle with cinnamon and powdered sugar and put in the kettle.

Do not forget to choose mint or lemon balm. Do you remember how to distinguish them?

honeycomb mousse

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It is this strange horse-blue-purple berry that ripens first. Sour, dirty hands are all that kids love. But you will not be able to eat it much alive. after all, the taste is for the amateur. But for a midday snack, kids will definitely eat it on both cheeks. Yes, adults do too.


  • honeycomb – 1 cup
  • Water – 500 ml
  • Sugar – 0.5 cups
  • Semolina – 3-4 tablespoons l.

We send the children to pick berries, and we drink tea ourselves. When they bring us honeysuckle, we wash the berries with cold water. After pushing with the help of a pusher, we squeeze the juice. Fill the cake (that is, the crushed one without juice) with water and cook for literally 5-7 minutes. We filter the broth. Add sugar, grain and cook very thick porridge. Cool it, add berry juice, mix with a mixer into a thick foam.

Pour into jars or cups, refrigerate for a few hours. Serve decorated with mint leaves and honeysuckle berries.

Dandelion wine

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Do you remember that you sent the children for the twigs? This is where they come in handy. There is a reason to re-read yourself, read the story of Ray Bradbury’s “Dandelion Wine” to the younger generation, and then make this fantastic (or not at all) drink on your own. And yes, this is not wine, of course, but it does not contain any ppm. children can also treat themselves.


  • dandelion flowers – 3 liter jar
  • Lemon – 2 pieces:
  • Honey – 2-3 tablespoons l.
  • Water – 3 liters

The most important thing is to cut all the yellow leaves from the dandelions, we only need them. We send the petals in a three-liter jar, pour 2 liters of water at room temperature. Add the squeezed juice of 2 lemons, honey to taste և send to the refrigerator for a few hours, and preferably overnight. Strain և Serve in cups immediately with dandelion flowers.

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