Pilgrims from Tatarstan were reminded of customs rules when flying to holy places

On the eve of the forthcoming pilgrimage to Mecca, the customs of Tatarstan are reminiscent of customs. The agency advises to avoid drug trafficking whenever possible, remembering the responsibility of extremist literature և restrictions ման import restrictions և certain goods.


The pilgrim should study the composition of medicines for the content of drugs and psychotropic substances in them. When transporting such items, the pilgrim must have a doctor’s prescription stating the dosage of the medicine անհրաժեշտ the required daily amount.

Extreme literature

Customs officers also advise to get acquainted with the list of extremist materials, the transportation of which also threatens responsibility.

Consignments of commercial goods

If the luggage weighs more than 50 kg, և if the customs value exceeds it €:10 thousand, the passenger must fill in a customs declaration. It is prohibited to export cash in foreign currency equivalent to 10,000 USD.

In addition, cultural property, state awards of the Russian Federation, endangered animals, plants, as well as weapons and ammunition, etc. can not be exported without a declaration. For personal use, an individual may not export more than 5 kg of fish-seafood from the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union, as well as more than 250 grams of sturgeon caviar.

Violation of customs rules is punished in accordance with the legislation of the Eurasian Economic Union member states.

You can apply to the customs of Tatarstan for advice. You can get acquainted with the details of the reception by calling autoinformer (843) 291 92 00.

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