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As a spice, it is great to use Georgian aunt ajika or dry wolf-suneli dry mixture from the market, or here is a wonderful drink – swan salt. In fact, it is just a mixture of coarse salt and spices (utskho-suneli, cilantro և dill seeds, Imereti saffron, catnip, hot pepper, mountain cumin և thyme). In the mountainous region of Svaneti, salt was spared, so it was mixed with dried, crushed mountain herbs, so it was less consumed, and the dishes turned out surprisingly tasty. The inhabitants of the Highlands have their own secrets of its preparation – proper drying of spices, grinding for many hours in stone mortar – other “dap dances”. So, if you are in the markets of the Caucasus, buy this salt, it is magical և in almost universal use.

Thus, we mix ajika, suneli wolf or swan salt with a couple of tablespoons of butter with melted butter (Georgians often use it) or ordinary vegetable oil. Brush the chicken with this mixture. You can do it the day before or a few hours before (so that it is absorbed in the spirit of spices), or you can prepare it immediately. Next, we will be very useful Ketsi – a special Georgian frying pan, usually clay or stone. If not, use the good old cast iron, I kept it from my grandmother, ugly, but I prayed, I will not exchange it with any Teflon or bioceramics. Put the chicken on the back և on the heated pan, press down with the lid և, and put a load on it: a big jar of water, stone, old iron…

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