Refreshing mojito recipe without alcohol

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The non-alcoholic cocktail “Mojito” is a divine gift on hot summer days. The drink will refresh and quench your thirst. It is made very simply and quickly.

Required components:

  • soda (preferably with lemon flavor) – 600 ml;
  • mint – 20;
  • lime – 1 piece;
  • lemons – 0.5 pieces;
  • sugar (reed is desirable) – 1 tbsp. l .;
  • ice (to taste) – 1 cup.

How to make non-alcoholic mojito

  1. Wash the lime ոնը lemon thoroughly և dry it. Wash fresh mint under cold running water and dry with paper towels.
  2. Lime կտր Cut the lemon into thin semicircles or quarters. The cut egg does not play a fundamental role here, it does not affect the taste of the drink.
  3. Transfer the chopped citrus fruits to a bowl. Pour in ordinary sugar. It is better to replace it with cane sugar, then the taste of the drink will get a pleasant caramel note. Or use a sweetener.
  4. Add mint leaves, which you can pre-chop with your hands or chop with a knife (you can grind in a mortar until the juice comes out).
  5. Use a fork or spoon to thoroughly mash the lemon, lime and mint. You can grind the ingredients in a mortar. It is very possible that the juice separates from these ingredients, so the cocktail will be even more saturated and fragrant.
  6. Pour the obtained mass into pre-washed և dried cups. Fill the content with sprite. Instead of a spray, you can use ordinary carbonated water without additives.
  7. Put some ice in the blender. Stir until it becomes a large crumb. There are other ways to break the ice. Wrap ice cubes in a towel. Beat a little with a rolling pin.
  8. Add crushed ice (about 0.75 cups volume) to the drink ամբողջական whole ice cubes. How to make ice right? Use cold boiled or non-carbonated purified water to make it transparent. Do not take tap water, it will give an unpleasant taste to the drink. Boil the water for about two minutes. Relax. Repeat boiling. Cool to room temperature. Pour into ice cube trays. Put in the freezer until completely frozen.
  9. Garnish the drink with lime pieces and mint leaves. Drink immediately after cooking, until the ice melts. Serve with cocktail straw.

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