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Wrinkle-free skin, flawless facial contours, cracked body… Today, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons are fighting against aging on all fronts. New technologies will help a woman and her partner to return, to have sex, just like in their youth, with the freshness of intimate sensations.

Every woman worries after giving birth. “Will my husband and I have the same love nights? Is he okay with me? Have I lost my former attractiveness as a sexual partner?” And if the young mother feels that the sensations have changed to some extent, և she is no longer happy with the intimacy, then at best she starts exercising for intimate muscles or searching the Internet for difficult positions that can bring earthly pleasure to man և woman : .

But at the same time women prefer not to talk to the doctor about a delicate topic. As time goes on, և premature old age comes where no one expected.

The tissues of the vagina և lips lose their elasticity. They become brittle, asymmetrical, elongated, ugly dark spots appear on the bikini area, the tone of the vaginal muscles weakens, the pelvic organs decrease, prevents dryness and pain during sexual intercourse. , unpleasant sounds are heard during communication … All these problems lead to a decrease in libido, a woman appears.
self-confidence (“I’m not so good in bed anymore, he does not enjoy being with me …”), he avoids sex, gets depressed.

It is quite logical that after a while the woman begins to arouse suspicion (“She must be next to someone, because we have not slept together for a long time”). And it’s too late to justify problems with difficult postpartum labor or to write off fatigue and postpartum depression. Marriage explodes.

Why does intimate muscle tone disappear?

Indeed, a woman’s intimate life begins to suffer immediately after the birth of a child, when the mother has to lift weights in the first days after giving birth. But the pelvic floor muscles have not yet returned to their former tone, it would be good to save. But, alas, it does not work. In one hand, a child in warm clothes, in the other, a heavy stroller,: runs up the stairs. Similar complaints of muscle weakness occur in women with connective tissue dysplasia (a hint that he’s the source of the problems is varicose veins – myopia).

The most serious age-related changes in the tissues occur in women around the age of 37-40, when there is a lack of estrogen in the body. And every third woman after 40 years suffers from pelvic organ failure due to failure of the pelvic floor muscles.

How to prevent aging of intimate muscles

Preventing the aging of intimate muscles. The doctors tried to solve this problem n:a for several centuries. The problem was more urgent than it is today: women used to have many children, and the birth of each child only deepened the uterine contractions. What did the doctors not do? They treated women with electric shock, radiotherapy, transplanted their ovaries, injected women with animal ovary extracts, placenta preparations …

Today’s medicine uses non-hormonal substances based on phytoestrogens (red clover, soy preparations), hormone replacement therapy – estrogens directly on the intimate area. But recently there was a real breakthrough, new technologies appeared. More efficient and convenient.

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Intimate rejuvenation – laser և injections will help

The modern method of vaginal rejuvenation is by means of a laser beam. It is distributed by means of a scanner to the thinnest rays, which gently affect the vaginal mucosa, making the smallest punctures in the tissues. In this way the skin is renewed, new collagen is synthesized, the tissue is rejuvenated, stretched, the blood supply is improved, the balance of the mucous membrane is restored, its elasticity and moisture are increased. Weakness of the skin disappears. And now a woman can restore harmony in a relationship with a loved one, relive old feelings.

A few procedures are enough to make you feel better in three to four weeks. Moreover, the laser allows the necessary manipulations to be performed without pain, not in a hospital, but on an outpatient basis. The patient goes home immediately after the procedure. And the recovery period is short, the woman does not go out of her usual schedule. Doctors guarantee that the effect will last for up to a year or two.

Another laser capability – at the patient’s request you can enlarge the vagina deep and wide.

To improve not only the function of the intimate muscles, but also the appearance of the genitals, in addition to vaginal laser rejuvenation, other techniques are used in the arsenal of cosmetology. For example, biorevitalization with recombinant hyaluronic acid or intimate contouring with stabilized hyaluronic acid-based preparations. They gently and naturally replenish the volume, returning the roundness and fullness to the large lips, which by their nature act as a shock absorber during contact. The walls of the vagina are processed, performing a long-lasting moisturizing function, the volume increases in the projection of the G-spot, which intensifies the sensations during sex.

Causes of incontinence (Urinary incontinence)

But all these problems go away in another, much more unpleasant and very common misfortune, after childbirth, especially complicated, the woman often begins to suffer from incontinence (urination). The problem creates a lot of inconvenience և moral trauma. Laughter, coughing, sneezing, walking, sudden changes in body position all cause involuntary discharge.

20% of all women aged 35-45 suffer from stress urinary incontinence. The reasons are different: genetic predisposition, weak connective tissue, pregnancy և childbirth (և even without any complications). Athletes are prone to the problem, especially those who have put in a lot of physical effort. Excess weight, hormonal disorders, pelvic surgery and standing work are also to blame. “Shameful” weakness.

Doctors believe that stress has a certain effect. It is not for nothing that there are more women among the residents of big cities who have consulted doctors with this problem. There are such inquiries. Muscovites who have experienced depression are twice as likely to suffer from stress incontinence.

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How to treat urinary incontinence

But you can still get rid of the problem. To start, keep a diary և record the frequency with which you need to run to the toilet urgently. Such records will tell the nature and reasons of the violations. With this diary, hurry to the urologist or gynecologist. Many people are afraid to go to the doctor, assuming that the only treatment that the doctor will suggest will be surgery. Of course, no one is immune from this. But first you have to try less traumatic ways.

And again the same laser therapy will help. Excellent effect of extracorporeal magnetic stimulation (ExMI). The magnetic field acts on the incompetent pelvic floor muscles. And the procedure itself is not like treatment. The woman sits in a special chair (without undressing) and rests. Meanwhile, the chair strengthens the weakened muscles and the weakened sphincters. They are affected by vertical magnetic flux. It is supplied by a generator hidden in the seat of the chair.

The task of the magnetic field is to force the nerve fibers to work in the delicate parts, the blood flows here, which in turn strengthens the work of the necessary muscles.

After losing the force and elasticity of the magnetic waves, they return to the tissues, they remember their youth, start working again, as expected, only at the request of the hostess, – not sneezing, laughing or coughing. The bladder also becomes less irritated. After a few sessions, the woman will feel the long-awaited effect.



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