Separate nutrition. 4 recipes for breakfast

Before deciding what to eat for breakfast, decide on your diet. So, if you follow a 4-time diet: 2 breakfasts, lunch and dinner, then for breakfast you should eat food with a digestibility of 2-3 hours, for example, cocoa with dark chocolate, tea with jam, some types. fruits, dried fruits. The interval between breakfast and lunch with three meals a day is 5-6 hours, so you can eat foods that take longer to digest at breakfast, such as low-fat dairy products, lean or cooked lean meats, fish or poultry. cereals, skimmed milk or water without sugar, cereals without sugar, non-starchy green vegetables – 1 tbsp. oils.

A bun made of coarse flour with cheese or butter, cheese, honey or cottage cheese is suitable as a carbohydrate breakfast. As a protein, eggs in the form of omelets, fried or hard-boiled (no more than 3 pieces per week), topped with raw vegetable salad without bread. Thus, for the first breakfast you can eat fruit, and for the second – a vegetable salad or boiled or baked vegetables, including cottage cheese, whole grain bread.

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