The nutritionist praised the famous “salad from Jennifer Aniston” recipe.

Russian nutritionist Elena Solomatina evaluated the salad recipe that became popular on TikTok social network, the dependence of which was attributed to the famous Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston’s salad turned out to contain boiled bulgur, fresh cucumber, parsley, mint, red onion, pistachio, pea, feta, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. In an interview with, nutritionist Solomatina called such a collection of healthy foods that will help you lose weight.

“This is a collection of useful foods that a person who controls his health should include in his diet,” the expert comments. – This salad has a lot of fiber, healthy fats, vegetable proteins, in general, everything that is necessary for the body to lose weight.

It should be noted that the “Jennifer Aniston Salad” recipe became known in January 2022, when a TikTok user published a video of its preparation. The girl wrote in the post that actress Jennifer Aniston allegedly eats a salad every day while working on the TV series “Friends”. True, later the actress herself denied this information, saying that her favorite dish is slightly different in composition.

Earlier, nutritionist Elvina Binatova reported on the usefulness of strawberries in the fight against aging. According to him, strawberries contain a large amount of quercetin, which is a powerful antioxidant, which improves the cognitive functions of the brain, stops the process of real aging. Berries are rich in vitamin C, which reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.


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