The simplest և unusual homemade lemonades

Enjoy yourself և soft drinks with your loved ones.

In hot weather, it’s nice to entertain you և loved ones with cool drinks. And there is an alternative to bought sweet drinks.

Today we will talk about simple և unusual և homemade ոն lemonade recipes, which can be prepared at home in just a few minutes. Homemade drinks do not contain that much sugar, they contain natural fruits and berries, which means that they will not only quench the thirst, but also be useful to the body.

Classic. To make a classic lemonade, you need a glass of sugar, 2-3 lemons, a bunch of mint, 1.5 liters of drinking water and ice. Squeeze the lemon juice, remove the peel in a thin layer. Heat 2 cups of water in a saucepan with one cup of sugar, add the taste, boil for 5-7 minutes. Add the remaining water, lemon juice and mint. Cool the drink, serve it with ice and fresh mint leaves.

Invigorating. You can add spices to lemonade, for example, ginger. To drink you need 200 grams of ginger root, a couple of lemons, 2-2.5 liters of water, sugar և honey to taste. Heat lemon zest with grated ginger root տաք heat with sugar in one liter of water (you can take 2-3 tablespoons). Boil the mixture, cool, add water և pour in lemon juice և add honey to taste. If desired, sugar can be completely replaced with honey. Serve with ice and lemon slices.

Both adults and children. Another popular lemonade is the strawberry mint drink. You will need 200 grams of fresh berries, 100 grams of sugar (can be a dessert), 1 large lemon, mint, 800 milliliters of water. Bring the water with sugar to a boil. Add pureed berries և lemon juice to the frozen mixture. Serve with ice, mint leaves and strawberries.

No lemonade. A summer drink that is not inferior to lemonades is iced tea. Take a bunch of mint, half a glass of lemon juice և 1 lemon, 6 teaspoons of tea (you can also take green, white tea or hibiscus), honey և 4 cups of boiling water և cold water. Make tea with mint leaves. Squeeze the drink, pour in lemon juice, add honey. Serve on ice, lemon slices, mint holders.

Watermelon և melon. You can make two types of lemonade with watermelon: melon and strawberry.

For the first option, take 1 kg of melon և watermelon kernel, as well as one liter of mineral water և 2 limes. Using a spoon of ice cream, use the balls to remove the lost core, remove the peel from the lime and pour everything into a container. Squeeze the lime juice into a container, add mineral water. Serve with ice and watermelon cubes.

For the strawberry version, take 1 small watermelon, a glass of strawberries, 2 glasses of water, a glass of sugar, half a glass of lemon juice (or lime juice), ice. Mix watermelon kernel, lime or lemon juice, sugar and strawberry in a blender. Grind the ice in a blender as well. Fill half of the cups with fruit mixture and half with snow. Serve with strawberries.

original recipes. Pear և lavender is one of the unusual lemonades.

Pear. You do not even need an oven for this recipe. You will need (based on two doses): half a lime or lemon, sugar syrup (you can make it yourself), carbonated water, 200 milliliters of pear juice. Pour ice into glasses, pour juice քիչ a little sugar syrup, put slices of lemon or lime, fill with carbonated water. You can add sage flowers to the lemonade for a more delicate taste.

Lavender. The drink of incredible color will become a real decoration of any table, at home or outside. Take 3 lemons, a little less than a glass of sugar, dried lavender flowers (2-3 tablespoons), drinking water. Heat the sugar և lavender flowers in three glasses of water. Boil for 5 minutes և leave it closed for an hour. Squeeze, add the squeezed lemon juice, add the rest of the water to taste. Serve with ice. Lavender flowers can be purchased at tea shops.

The taste since childhood. Make homemade tarragon. For the recipe you need 30 grams of tarragon, 2 lemons or limes, 130 ml of sugar syrup, one liter of carbonated water, ice. Chop the tarragon (or rather, the puree in a blender), mix the lemon juice (the taste will be brighter with lime) with the sugar. To keep the lemonade carbonated, you can add herb և citrus juice directly in a bottle of mineral water and squeeze 300 ml from there. Leave the lemonade to cool completely. Serve with ice.

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