What is the secret of Coca-Cola flavor? We present all the factors – the chemistry of the ingredients, the secret ingredient – the advertisement that inspires happiness.

There is a connection with some rituals of drinking carbonated beverages. they also play a role in our brain chemistry. The vibration of an open bottle, soda foam, beautiful packaging can increase the activity of dopamine in our body.

Marketing. How does Coca-Cola advertising affect its taste?

Coca-Cola appeared in 1886, ակտիվ about that time began its active advertising campaign. The corporation has always positioned the drink as if it were selling not only soda but also liquid happiness. He spends more than $ 3.5 billion a year on marketing alone.

NYU Professor և Food Industry Activist Marion Nestle wrote:

“Advertising affects our subconscious. We do not like to talk about subconscious levels because we think we are consciously rational. But soda makers know us better, they use it to their advantage.

We think we have decided to love carbonated drinks ourselves, but in reality we have been told so. America fell in love with Coca-Cola without even realizing it. Coca Cola is everywhere. He cooperates with our favorite brands, places advertisements in the most famous places. It symbolizes freshness. After all, many people go on really hot days to drink sweet cola, not water.

The drink always has a “cool” and “unique” look. In the very first advertisements, Coca-Cola was presented not only as a delicious carbonated drink, but also as something that calms the nerves and improves well-being. And this uniqueness was manifested not only in taste, but also in marketing steps.

Coca-Cola delivers a powerful, compelling message to the consumer: “Enjoy և strong, simple slogans like ‘Happiness’ never go out of style; they’re easily translated all over the world.”

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