When meeting a ten-kilogram dog, the fish from Sakhalin pretended to be algae.

The Sakhalin fisherman and diver took a 10-kilogram catfish from the sea, which is better known to the people as a dog fish. Noticing the man under the water, he pretended to be an algae or a stone, but the young man revealed his plan.

Spear fishing և Instagram * account author @ rossomaha2021 talked about his biggest hunt astv.ru. Last weekend, the man went hunting in the Tatar Strait. He used to be a dog fisherman, but this cup surprised him.

– Despite all my practice, the cup turned out really well. And I caught him only two meters deep. This was unexpected, as I usually “shoot” samples at a depth of at least five meters.

I noticed the kitten walking along the grass to the depths. He also noticed me, stopped and thought it was algae or stone.

– I turned on the camera, dived from the side and stuck. “I tried to weigh the fish on the shore, but the ten-kilogram scales were not enough,” said a Sakhalin resident.


Dogfish contain poisonous tetrodotoxin, so most of the islanders are afraid to cook it. The young man discovered his recipe: cut the fillet, salt, pepper, sprinkle with lemon juice and leave it to marinate for an hour. After frying the fish, fry it in a beer dough.

– Catfish is somewhat similar to halibut, but not as fat. This time I decided to make a salad. Marinate finely chopped fillet in lemon juice with spices and you are ready. “Experts say that this fish is clean, they make sashimi from it,” added the Sakhalin resident.

* – Prohibited in Russia.


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