With the best traditions, how to cook pickles

Types of pickles

Depending on the type of broth (bone, chicken, fish or mushroom), acids are divided into meat-vegetarians.

Classic pickles are usually cooked with the heart or kidneys. In pickles, the by-product is sometimes replaced by beef. Pickles are made from salted mushrooms or green tomatoes (read it!Simple և delicious recipes that are easy to prepare with children).

Not only fresh fish but also a little pre-cooked salted fish is added to the fish-based acids.

How to make pickles in other countries, in different cities of our country

The place of preparation of the dish has a great influence on the preparation of the dish. Depending on the country, region or even city, the composition of the ingredients and the method of preparation will be different. Let’s find out how pickles are made in other countries.

Pickles can be Polish, Cuban, Suzdal, Moscow, Rososh, Leningrad – a lot of variety. All you have to do is choose which of the variations you like.

Homemade pickles are made with pearl barley, pickles or pickles. In other countries the recipe is a little different, but the general cultural features are preserved.

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