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To prevent the cutlets from falling apart, eggs are often added to the minced meat. But not everyone likes this option, some doctors advise to limit the number of eggs eaten per week, someone is just looking for an alternative. And he is. Many other things can be added to ground beef to make it more sticky.

By the way, if you have well-minced meat with not much fat, շար you lined the meat with a meat grinder, where there was a connective tissue (in particular, it has a sticky property), then you can not add anything else to the mass of cutlets. The minced meat only needs to be kneaded very well so that the gluten separates from it. After thorough kneading, the home-made minced meat will stick, the cutlets will not crumble.

But if you bought minced meat or you doubt the sticky properties of the meat, or maybe you just learned to add something else to the cutlets, you can choose one of the following options.

Option No. 1. White bread

Bread soaked in water (and sometimes in milk or even cream) can be added to minced meat. The bread is cut from a loaf, the crumb is filled with water and left to soak in a little liquid and soften. Time depends on the quality and freshness of the bread. You can soak the dried (but not moldy) loaf, or you can take the fresh one.

Then you filter the white crumbs and add them to the core. Approximately 150-200 grams of white bread is enough for one kilogram of meat.

You can soak a little bread, and when you pass the minced meat through a meat grinder, at the last turn you roll it through fresh, not soaked bread, you can with the crust. The rest of the meat will drain from the meat grinder and clean a little, it will be easier to wash.

Option 2: Bread crumbs

If you have fairly liquid minced meat, which often happens to be store-bought, you can add a bag of breadcrumbs to it. The minced meat should be mixed with bread crumbs, left to swell, to absorb excess moisture. If the minced meat is dry after that, you can add a little milk or a couple of layers of soaked white bread.

Option No. 3. Semolina

Wheat grains, like cereals, also have the ability to thicken minced meat into a homogeneous mass. For minced meat it is better to take the grain from soft wheat varieties, it swells better and becomes more sticky. As in the case of bread crumbs, cereals are suitable for thin minced meat, such as chicken. And after adding it to the minced meat, you should give time to the cutlet mass so that the grain starts to swell.

Option No. 4. Fried onions

Well-cooked, soft but not burnt (which is possible) onions have a sour effect when mixed with minced meat. Onions should be soft, stewed, fried in a small amount of vegetable oil. If there is a lot of oil, the onion should be squeezed from it, so that the minced meat does not turn out too greasy and liquid. Yes,։ overcooked oil can give an unpleasant taste.

Option No. 5. Grated vegetables

In summer, it is very good to add zucchini or carrot to the cutlets with a small grater. Pumpkin will appear closer in autumn, which is also suitable for minced meat. You just have to squeeze a little zucchini or pumpkin, they are very juicy vegetables.

The addition of vegetables will not only make the mass of the cutlet more homogeneous, but also less caloric. Vegetable fibers will appear in the cutlets, which are very useful for digestion.

It is necessary to add about 200-250 grams of vegetables to one kilogram of minced meat.

Zucchini cutlets

Photo by Shutterstock.com/ WhiteYura:
  • 1 kg of beef (shoulders)
  • 400 g of pork
  • 1 small zucchini
  • 1 small onion
  • salt and pepper
  • flour
  • vegetable oil

Step 1. Pass the meat and onion twice with a medium grater.

Step 2. Knead the minced meat thoroughly.

Step 3. Grate the zucchini with a fine grater, if it is young and the skin is soft, you can not clean it.

Step 4. Squeeze the zucchini juice lightly. Add grated vegetables to the minced meat. Add spices.

Step 5. Knead everything thoroughly. Put the mince in the refrigerator for an hour.

Step 6. Stir again, if the zucchini gives excess juice, squeeze.

Step 7. Blind cutlets, roll in flour or breadcrumbs.

Step 8. Fry the cutlets in a hot pan with vegetable oil.

Sausage meatballs

Photo by Shutterstock.com/ Robert 6666
  • 1 kg of pork
  • 1/3 white loaf
  • 3 onions
  • 1 glass of water
  • ½ cup of breadcrumbs
  • Salt and pepper
  • For frying in vegetable oil

For sus.

  • 1 glass of milk
  • 1 cup chicken broth
  • 2 ch.c. l. butter:
  • 2 ch.c. l. flour
  • salt and ground pepper

Step 1. Pass the meat through the onion with a meat grinder twice.

Step 2. Cut the peel from the loaf և soak in water.

Step 3. Knead the minced meat properly.

Step 4. Squeeze the bread և add to the minced meat, mix, salt անել make pepper.

Step 5. Blind the round meatballs and bake them in crumbs.

Step 6. Fry the meatballs in hot oil until crispy.

Step 7. Heat the butter in the pan, add the flour ակել fry.

Step 8. Add milk and chicken broth, salt and pepper.

Step 9. Cook for 3 minutes on low heat, then pour the sauce over the meatballs and cook together.


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